If you launch ACom you should see the following map:


LongClick: If you long-click the map,  enter the fullscreen mode. To exit full-screen, long-click the map again.

Nightmode: In the statusbar you will find the day/nightmode icon. Press to toggle between day- and nightmode.

Online / Offline: If you touch the map, you see on the upper right an Online/Offline label. If you are online this label disappears, however if you are offline, this label stays visible until connecting is established. (You may be offline, even if your phone indicates connection - ACom checks for real connectivity by requesting the google server.) If you are online, you will see the traffic (red = slow, green = fast) from googles real-time traffic map.

Track / Bird / HideMe: You can activate tracking, ether by GPS or by WiFi only. (In the settings-menu you can enable GPS (high accuracy, but high energy consumption) or you can enable WiFi/GSM only (low accuracy and low energy consumption). If you enable tracking, a blue dot will be shown. The dot will move in the shown map and the map will be recentered if the dot comes to the boundaries. If you activate bird, the maps bird-view will be activated, the dot will be show at the lower part of the map and the map will rotate according to your driving direction. Bird view only works if you enable GPS-tracking, as WiFi-tracking is too inaccurate. If you click on hideMe, no tracking will be performed.

The map automatically updates every 3 minutes. No cached information will be taken. What you see is the most current state if traffic, so that you can decide on most updated information.

Zoom: You can Zoom in and out with the + and - keys.

Dark: You can turn the light down or up with the night / day button at the lower left.

Options: If you select the options menu, you can store maps, load maps, see news about ACom change settings, send your current position to a friend (via WhatsApp or eMail). With the NaviToTarget option, you can launch google maps navigation. However, this only works, if you have defined the map before (define by start-end or define by city), so that ACom knows, where you want to drive to.

PlugIn: On the left upper side, you can slide in the PlugIn-menu. Here you can see pre-installed PlugIns as well as the PlugIn-Manager. With the PlugIn-Manager you can easily download PlugIns from github,   which are published by the community. You are free to create and publish your own PlugIn - see here how it works.

Use the comment option below, to recommend PlugIns to the community or ask for special PlugIns.

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