On the main page of the informer module you should see the following screen:

The mails can ordered according to the following criteria (buttons at top):

Date: For each news items, the date of its publishing will be determined. However, there can be news items, where this information is not available. For these news, the date of its first download will be take as its date.
[Example: News form 10.2.2017 are listed before news from 9.2.2017]

Alpha: The news are sorted in alphabetical order. However, under Options-> Settings you can specify a regular expression to  determine a set of letters, which specify a pattern for a search term. Once you specified this pattern, news items containing this pattern are listed first. They are ordered in alphabetical order, too.
[Example: With regular expression “A [0-9]{1-3}” all news containing strings like “A 15” or “A 3” or “A 511” are listed first.]

Source: The news items are ordered according to their source.
[Example: All news from ABC are listed before all the news from BBC]

Unread: All the unread news are listed first. Inside this list of unread news, the alphabetical order (see Alpha) is used.
Unread news are always marked in bold letters. Once a news item is reloaded – e.g. by pressing the refresh button – it is shown in normal style.
The following three buttons appear at the footer:


The news list can be updated and filtered with the following buttons:

Refresh: Pressing this button will reload (update) the news. With Options -> Clean you can delete all news which have ever been load.

Filter On / Off: Under Options -> Filter you can specify a pattern in from of a regular expression. All news which do not contain this pattern will be removed from the list of news.
[Example: With a filter specified by a regular expression like “A 15|A 22” only news containing “A 15” or “A 22” will be shown.]

Auto On /Off: You can enable automatic reload of news. Under Options -> Settings you can specify, whether the automatic reload is to be executed only in if your app runs in foreground or as a background service, even if your app if not running. Click here for more info.

PopUp On / Off: You can enable the app to popup a window containing all unread news after a refresh has been done. Under Options -> Settings -> Alarm settings you can configure, that this PopUp window should launch, even if the app in not running in foreground (This makes only sense, if you switch automatic reload to On). Moreover, you can activate Text-To-Speech, so that the content of the PopUp window is read by the app.  

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