There are three types of sources for news, which can be exhausted by this app: Twitter, RSS Feeds and ordinary Websites. We call these sources for news "news channels". You can either download a specification for a news channel from the internet or you can specify a news channel on your own.

As this app ships worldwide, only a few news channels will be published on internet and it is likely, that you will specify your personal news channel by your own. Please give the community a chance to share your knowledge and add your news channel specification as a comment on this page.

Load Source Definition: The easiest way to add such a source is to download its specification for the internet. Just click the button and look, if you find what you are looking for. (You can publish your news channel on github so that other users can easily load it. See here how it works).

Load Collection of Definition: If you want to import several news channels at once, you can try this button. There are pre-defined collections of news channels for some countries and you can delete news channels you don't like. (Please feel free to publish your own collection on github. See here how it works.)

Define RSS Source: Use this item, if you have an RSS Feed, which keeps the information you are looking for. You can give this source an arbitrary title and you just have to insert the URL of the RSS Feed. RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and ATOM is supported. It is important, that you specify the URL exactly and with the appropriate prefix (http://... or https://).

Define Twitter Source: Use this item, if you have a twitter feed or hashtag on twitter which keeps the desired information. You can give this source an arbitrary title. You specify the tweets, you are looking for by a hashtag (e.g. #alert) or by a twitter name (@511SFBay) or by any other search string. However, twitter has access restriction for anonymous, so before using twitter, you must own a twitter account and you have to grant this app the rights to pose twitter-requests by using your twitter account. (However, you are free to create a new twitter-account only for using this app). Enabling twitter can be done under Options -> Settings -> Enable Twitter

Define WebSite Source: By this item, you can specify any website as a source for news. This is the most complex task, because the informer can't know where the relevant information begins and ends (Start- and EndTrigger) and which parts belong to a single message (StartTag and EndTag). 
Start- and EndTrigger specify a text-string indicating and the end the beginning of the relevant part of the website, e.g.("Traffic Alerts" for StartTrigger and "Contacts" for EndTrigger. Every text within between will be scanned for news items.) Start- and EndTag specify a http-tag indicating the start and the end of a concrete news item (e.g. "tr" and "/tr").
(The easiest way to specify a news channel from a WebSite is explained step-by-step here.) 

If you require your current position in the URI, you can use the strings '#lng#', '#lat#', '#zoom#' which are then replaced by your current location values.
[Example: The URL will replaced by if you are at the center of Berlin.]

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  1. Für alle die Blitzer suchen empfehle ich als Twitter-Source #blitzer.
    Dann bei Options unter Settings "Enable Text-to-speech" und als Spreche Deutsch. Dann bei News "Auto" und "PopUp" aktivieren.