In the options menu you can do all the settings required to use ACom efficiently: 

Load Map / Target: Here you can load a map you previously has stored.

Define Map: You can define a map with the help of start- and target address or just by using a certain address. You can modify the map so that is fits optimally to your needs. Then, you finnaly store the map with the next menu item (Save Map / Target)

Save Map / Target: Here you save the map incl. every markers you did define.

Navi to Target: This item just calls google maps navigation and passes the target parameters, you set by "Define Map". However, navigation is to possible, if you did not specify a target - so select "Define Map / Target" first.

App News: This item shows you the latest information about ACom on the website.

Settings: Here you can modify certain settings, e.g. to use GPS-based location or WiFi/CellId-based location for tracking.

Send my position: You can send your current position to a friend (or to yourself). With a simple click, a friend will find you on the map.

Help: Opens up this website. Feel free to post any comments.


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