You can filter the list of news, so that only news are shown which are relevant for you. You do so, by defining keywords which must appear in the news item. There are three "keyword-fields" where you can define three keywords which are combined by the logical AND operator. The three "keyword-fields" are combined by logical OR. (Instead of simple keywords, you can take regular expressions, so that even very complex filter can be defined).

Example: You are only interested in alert-news about the highway A5 and in arbitrary news about the highway A8. So in filed 1 you define "A5 " (line 1) and "alert" (line 2). In field 2 you define "A8 " (see image above). Don't forget to enter a space after A5 and A8, otherwise you get information about A5, A51, A55, A551, A5a or A8, A81, A8a, A88, A85, A843, etc.

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